Blanc Pescador collaborates with the CRAM Foundation with the objective of preserving, raising awareness, improving, studying and providing solutions to the marine environment.

We are both lovers of the sea, a development space for man and a great source of resources that must be managed in a responsible and sustainable way to continue enjoying generation after generation.

That is why we have been working hand in hand for more than 4 years through different actions.

And you, are you a lover of the sea?


Thanks to the collaboration of Fundación CRAM we have created a symbol of change and expression.

A heart that transmits our way of seeing the world, always respecting the sea and working to make it a better place.

This emblem has been present in everything we have done since its creation and will remain a key piece in everything we do.


As we want to continue adding kilometers and continue helping the species that need it, we have collaborated with the CRAM Foundation in the vinyl of their new van.

With it we hope to make many more kilometers and rescue many more marine species. In addition to performing other activities such as interviews within it with experts from the sea.

The perfect means to reach the necessary meeting point and where we will demonstrate our #AmorAlMar wherever I go.


From the CRAM Foundation they are responsible for reintroducing marine animals such as turtles into their habitat, giving people and organizations the possibility to collaborate in this process.

That is why Blanc Pescador has sponsored three turtle specimens to which a chip was placed to follow their path after their recovery in the CRAM.

An unforgettable experience and to which we were following very closely going to the facilities of the foundation to witness its recovery process.


Throughout the history of the CRAM Foundation, more than 600 sea turtles have been recovered and released. A very important act for them and for us.

Therefore, we wanted to witness some of these liberations, where Blanc Pescador has come to say goodbye to these special animals.

In all these years we have seen turtles like Niki, Jaimito, Pearl, Jorgina, Leo, Donatello and many others come back home.


Fundación CRAM has opened the doors of its facilities on numerous occasions to bring us all its knowledge.

Thanks to them we have attended different courses in which awareness and visibility of the problems of our seas were in the foreground.

Didactic classes that we wanted to bring to all of you through our social networks.


A relationship that goes beyond work, which has been forged over the years, has encouraged us to hold unforgettable meetings together.

Because we have a lot to share and above all a lot to celebrate. Thank you for making our #AmorAlMar visible!