Blanc Pescador Segunda Generación

Since 2008, our non-sparkling Blanc Pescador Segunda Generación has been appreciated for its smoothness. Its blending of Sauvignon Blanc and Garnatxa Blanca gives it a crisp and fruity edge, and the young wine reveals a remarkably unique personality: an intense aroma of sweet, ripe fruit reminiscent of melon and peach, subtle herbal notes, and a base of tropical fruits typical of Sauvignon Blanc.

Segunda Generación
Non-sparkling wine

“A young wine with an overall crispness and a pleasant sensation of silkiness that carries you away to the Mediterranean.”

Designation of origin: Empordá

Varieties: Garnatxa Blanca (85%), Sauvignon Blanc (15%)

Age: Young wine

Production: Fermentation of flower must at a controlled temperature of 16ºC

Alcohol content: 12.5% vol
Total acidity: 3.60 g/l (s.a.)
Free SO2: 21 mg/l
Total SO2: 80 mg/l
Volatile acidity: 0.36 g/l (a.a.)
Residual sugar: 0.25 g/l

Bottle type: Bordalesa prestige, green A.V., 75 cl

Tasting notes: Pale yellow color with greenish tones. Aroma of sweet fruit with subtle, pleasant floral notes and a base of tropical fruits typical of Sauvignon Blanc. Very crisp overall and with a pleasant sensation of silkiness. It is a long, enveloping, balanced wine with an excellent mouthfeel.

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Blanc Pescador

Blanc Pescador