Blanc Pescador

Semi-sparkling white wine. Macabeo, Parellada, and Xarel·lo. Original and crisp, and of a pale greenish-yellow with a brilliant sheen, it is aromatic and deliciously intense.


Semi-sparkling wine

“A Mediterranean dream: a semi-sparkling wine that professes love for the sea.”

Varieties: Macabeo (61%), Xarel·lo (33%), Parellada (6%)

Production: Secondary fermentation using the Charmat method

Age: Young wine

Alcohol content: 11.5% vol
Pressure at 20ºC: 2.5 bars
Total SO2: Less than 150 mg/l
Total acidity: 3.5–4 g/l (s.a.)
Volatile acidity: Less than 0.6 g/l (a.a.)
Residual sugar: 5–6 g/l

Bottle type: High Rhine, white, special, 75 cl

Tasting notes: Light greenish-yellow tone, very pale and with a sheen. Aromatic, subtly fruity, and delicately intense. Sparkling, light, and pleasing to the palate.

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Blanc Pescador
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Blanc Pescador

Blanc Pescador